9-Yr-Old Gets New ‘Frozen’ Themed Prosthesis, But Watch Her Face Light Up When She First Tries It On!

It can be automatic to forget just how lucky most of us are. The majority of people I know, including myself, were born with two arms, two legs and all five of our senses intact… but that is not always the case. One in every two thousand babies are born every year with a missing limb, and approximately 185,000 amputations happen every year in the US.

For children and adults living with this disability, learning to adjust to life can be tough. But one lucky little girl just got the gift of a lifetime.

Karissa Mitchell was born without her right hand, but the 9-year-old feels like she’s on top of the world thanks to her new “Frozen” inspired prosthetic.

“Karissa really identifies with Elsa because she knows what it’s like to be different from everyone else,” mother Maria Mitchell explained in a press release from the school.”She doesn’t want to be seen as different, which has made her extremely determined to do things as well, if not better, than others.”

Student volunteers from Siena College created the brilliant blue themed arm for Karissa using 3d printing. A process that makes prosthetic development much cheaper and more customizable than traditional methods.

“It feels like I have a real hand,” she said after trying it on. She also declared it “awesome!”

In the video below, Karissa sees her new arm for the first time! Check out the heartwarming moment.

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