Mom Visits Toys”R”Us For Son’s Get Well Present, Then Sees Heart-Wrenching Letter Taped To Shelf.

Bonita Ortega is a one-in-a-million mom.

About four months ago, Ortega decided to make a trip to Toys”R”Us after her two year old son took a tumble and broke his leg. To console the hurting toddler, Ortega thought a new toy would do just the trick. As she made her way down the aisle to her son’s favorite section, she noticed a handwritten envelope taped to the display.

Its contents have gone viral for all the right reasons. Check out her first hand account in the video below.


My two year old broke his leg earlier this week and I decided to go to Toys”R”Us today on lunch to get him a “Get Well” present to surprise him with when I got home. I walk up to the Cars section, anyone that knows Nixon, knows he loves Cars.

Taped to the display is an envelope that read, “Please use this cash to buy something in honor of our son Henry who would be 4 on March 2, 2017.”


I looked around in disbelief filled with so many emotions, I immediately started to cry, it was bittersweet tears. I was hurting for Henry’s family, but so thankful that my Nixon could honor this sweet boy.


I wish I could personally thank Henry’s parents and just tell them how thankful we are for their sweet gesture. Nixon was able to get this awesome Cars garage that he hasn’t stopped playing with since opening it.

Please share in hopes this will make it to them. Happy Birthday, Henry!


Harry’s parents have not been found yet, but Ortega hopes that somehow they will see her story and know that their little one was honored.

It’s clear that even though the heartache of loss, Harry’s parents were able to find solace in their kind gesture.

Share in honor of Harry today! Maybe this story will finally find his parents.

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