20 Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Alaska That’ll Make You Want To Move Right Now

Though Alaska is by far the largest state in the United States, it is also the least populated. The terrain is wild and mostly untamed because of the frozen climate that reigns over this state for most of the year.


However, if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Alaska, you might just find yourself so awestruck by it’s natural beauty that you completely forget about the temperature. Because of it’s covered in snow for so many months of the year, it can be easy to forget that– once the ice thaws– Alaska is a state of beautiful meadows, rolling green mountains, and crystal clear lakes.

No matter what type of weather you enjoy, the majestic beauty of Alaska is on display year round. Check out some of these jaw dropping photos of Alaska below; but be careful, you might find yourself wanting to move to this great state!

1. The fog floats so perfectly above this lake.

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