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Prince William’s Viral “Dad Joke” Fuels His Playful Ongoing Feud With Famous Comedian 

Prince William dad joke

Prince William’s recent “shading” of comedian Jack Whitehall has once again sparked their years-long, playful feud.

The future king spoke during a student radio broadcast from St. Michael’s Church of England High School on April 25. The focus of the show was on male mental health. Before he dove into his more serious thoughts, Prince William revealed that the students had asked him to share a “dad joke” with the audience.

William then said he was “trying to channel Jack Whitehall because most of his jokes are pretty dad-like.” But he decided to go with his daughter Charlotte’s favorite knock-knock joke instead, which is one you may have heard before. It goes:


-Who’s there?

-Interrupting cow.

-Interrupting cow, wh-?


A video of Prince William’s perfect dad joke went viral shortly after, and it caught the eye of Jack Whitehall, who created an Instagram stitch to add his personal take.

Jack Whitehall Reacts to Prince William’s “Dad Joke” Comment

In the clip, Jack watches William begin his joke and acts proud when William mentions he wants to “channel” Jack for his joke. But then he acts personally offended when William says Jack’s joke are all “dad-like.”

However, as Williams shares the classic knock-knock joke, Jack takes notes so he can use it in his act.

“An outrageous shading from the future King,” Jack Whitehall captioned.

The funny feud allegedly began back in 2014 when Jack Whitehall was invited to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in London, where he mentioned that he went to Marlborough College with Kate Middleton and admitted he used to be smitten with her.

“I referred to her as the one that got away,” he said on The Jonathan Ross Show. “I flirted a little, ’cause I said that she was one of my first crushes at school.”

“And then in the lineup, William came over, and he was really funny. He was very nice, but very passive-aggressive — ‘Are you flirting with my missus?’ It was very, very funny,” Jack continued.

Of course, the conversation was simply friendly banter. The royal family enjoyed Jack so much that they invited him to Kensington Palace to perform for the staff Christmas party. However, Jack said no one appreciated his jokes during that particular skit.

“I was set up to fail,” he laughed during an interview with the Times Radio. “There was no stage, there was no microphone, I literally had to perform in front of all of them like the court jester.”

“It was awful, all of that material, and none of it barely even raised a teeter,” he continued before adding that King Charles introduced himself after the act and said, “Ah yes, so great, I think next year we’ll probably book a magician”

“I was like, ‘Wow, that is some serious shade!'” Jack laughed.

This story’s featured image is by Chris Jackson/Getty Images.

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