Devastated Bride Gains 100lbs, But Near-Death Experience Inspires Stunning Transformation.

bride and mom with ice cream and dad

Alix Faulkner has overcome incredible odds in her 39 years. It all started in her early 30’s when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She’d watched her father deteriorate over the years as MS took its toll, so the news of her mother’s cancer was just too much to handle. Faulkner turned to food for comfort and began gaining weight more quickly than she could shed it. At her heaviest she weighed 228lbs.

For Faulkner, the weight gain was simply a symptom of her devotion to both mom and dad. She’d spend every free day driving several hours to visit them both, but all that road time led to eating out, and eating badly. She “didn’t even think” about the consequences, and in her position, who could blame her?

“When [Mom] began to complain of a sore arm, my sister took her to the hospital, and they discovered she had cancer in her bones… From then on, my weight wasn’t a priority. Travelling up and down to the North, you’re stopping in motorway petrol stations, getting large lattes, scones, buns, Burger King. In the hospital, you’re eating from the coffee shops. You don’t even think about what you’re eating. And you know what? I didn’t care,”she said.


Things began to change for Falkner after meeting the love of her life, Will. The duo had a short engagement and married quickly so that Faulkner’s mother and father could be there, in light of their quickly deteriorating health. Sadly, her mother passed away two months after the wedding and her father 8 months later… but Falkner was so grateful they were able to be there.


After her parent’s passing, Falkner was shocked when she began looking over her wedding photos and saw the extreme weight gain. But food continued to be a source of comfort.

“I remember sitting down at Christmas and eating an entire tin of Quality Street chocolates. Every night, there would be junk food and wine.”

Then everything changed when she became pregnant with her first child.

“When I was 11 weeks pregnant, I had terrible pain. I was taken to a hospital in Portlaoise, where it was discovered I had a 10cm ovarian cyst. I had to have surgery that day to remove an ovary and fallopian tube. It was high-risk surgery. The gynaecologist came around the next day and said, ‘I am so glad we operated on you, because you were bleeding out and if we hadn’t, you wouldn’t be here today.’

But the strong woman survived and also had a successful delivery to her daughter Isabelle. After giving birth a second time, to son William, Faulkner really kicked her transformation into high gear.


“I told myself, I did not want diabetes later on in life. My father had it. It’s in the family. I wanted my children to see a healthy Mum.”

And so in just over a year, Falkner joined a weight loss program, lost an astounding 74 pounds, and is in the best health of her life!


She now leads her local Weight Watcher’s meetings and helps other women overcome their struggles.

Her experience was certainly a storm of emotions. But her astonishing transformation, fueled by the memories of loved ones and building a better future for her children, has inspired thousands!

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