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Couple Didn’t Realize How Much They Meant To Elderly Neighbor Until They Returned From Vacation

A man standing next to an elderly lady outdoors.

When this couple went on vacation, they didn’t think their elderly neighbor would notice. However, the 91-year-old said something to them on their return that both warmed and broke their hearts at the same time! They shared the beautiful story on Facebook, along with a photo of the sweet elderly lady. This post is a wonderful reminder to us all not to take our neighbors for granted!

One snowy winter’s day, the couple went to their elderly neighbor’s house to ask her if they could salt her driveway for her. That’s when the woman told them how much she’d missed their presence while they were on vacation.

“I missed you,” she said. “You were gone for so long.”

The couple instantly regretted not telling their elderly neighbor about their travel plans in advance.

“I immediately broke out in tears!” the wife wrote on Facebook. “We left & didn’t tell her we were going on vacation. I’ll never do that again.”

In the comments section, many other users shared similarly sweet stories about their own elderly neighbors. Some of them are absolutely adorable!

“My neighbor and her husband are both 98,” one person wrote. “She always tries to pay me when I shovel their walkways. I take a hot cup of tea instead. They give us vegetables from their garden and cookies she bakes. We do the same in return. We always check on them.”

Another said, “I go for walks with my 86-year-old neighbor. She doesn’t have a car and her adult daughter lives five hours away, so every once in awhile I take her to Walmart for groceries. She is a hoot and pretty much does and says whatever she wants, all the time.”

It’s wonderful to see how many people treasure their elderly neighbors!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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