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Brooke Shields Crashes Wedding… And Makes Magical Moment For Bride

Brooke Shields fixes a bride's hair as she smiles at her. Text on the image: THE Brooke Shields crashes your wedding and insists on fixing your hair before you're introduced for the first time

This week, Brooke Shields mysteriously popped up at a bride’s wedding… and people have lots of questions about it. The reason we even know that this happened is because of a video shared by Jennifer Austin. Although she was the photographer at the wedding, it seems that even she was surprised by the iconic actor showing up as a guest.

Best of all, it seems that Shields was more than just an attendant. As the bride prepared to make her debut, Shields insisted on taking a moment to help the bride fix her hair. This is the moment that Jennifer captured on camera. In it, you can see the bride is absolutely beaming with excitement!

@jenniferaustinnn protect her at all costs , an angel walking this earth 💌 #brookeshields #weddingdaymagic ♬ trees and flowers by strawberry switchblade – Eissej

“Protect her at all costs,” Jennifer writes in the caption of her video, “an angel walking this earth.”

Naturally, lots of people have many questions. Why is Brooke Shields at this wedding? Does she know the bride? If so, how? Did anyone know she was planning on showing up that day? Despite all of these very good questions, we have (hilariously) not been given any additional context.

Brooke Shields’ Mysterious Appearance at Wedding is Both Confusing and Delightful


Literally no one would have believed me

♬ original sound – honeysmokedkale

What we do have, though, is a second video (the one above) that appears to be from the bride herself. In it, Shields takes a pull of whisky that the newlyweds had buried for their big day. And, honestly, the lack of context somehow makes this even better.

“Literally no one would have believed me,” the caption reads.

Although we may never know the full context of why Brooke Shields was at this wedding, one thing is for sure: It looks like she’d be a super fun guest to have around on your big day!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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