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This Cat’s Unlikely Friendship Ends In Heartbreak— But He Finds His Happy Ending

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Who knew a cat could find a lasting friendship with a fish? We often dream of our beloved pets getting along or forming an undying bond, but a tie between a feline and a betta fish is an unlikely one. However, the draw Cashie (a shelter cat) felt toward Violet (his new betta fish pal) was undeniable.

As soon as his owners took him from a shelter, Cashie immediately became intrigued by the household fish. No matter where his owners would move Violet’s tank, Cashie found her—and spent most of his time with her.

The cat built a beautiful friendship with the fish. He’d go from sitting on top of the tank to lying next to it. In fact, he became so attached to Violet that his owners set up a bed next to the tank so they could hang out all day long.

Unfortunately, one morning, Violet passed away — and Cashie was devastated. He cried and searched for Violet around their home, smelling for her. After a while, Cashie’s owners decided it was time to adopt a new betta.

Cat builds unlikely friendship with new fish — but he won’t forget Violet

With Cashie in tow, the owners visited local pet stores to find the perfect new friend for their heartbroken cat. However, after doing some research, they realized they needed to provide a better home for their next fish.

Betta fish require a larger tank than most people realize, and many end up living lives confined to tiny spaces. Thankfully, Cashie’s owners decided to purchase an 11-gallon tank for their new fish. They even cultivated a more natural environment, refusing to use plastic in the fish’s new home.

Once the tank was ready, they headed to the store to purchase a cat tree to place right next to the tank. They also found the perfect fish, Tango — a betta that closely resembled their old friend, Violet.

Once Tango was acclimated to his home, his owners watched as their loving cat builds a new friendship with yet another pet fish.

“Cashie & Tango will have many more adventures together,” the TikTok user wrote at the end of the video. “Our Violet will forever be missed.”

Commenters adored the bond between Cashie and his two betta pals. One even told the original poster to write a children’s book about this heartwarming story.

“This is a great teaching story about love, loss, and moving forward.”

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