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“Post Malone Just Changed Our Lives” Aspiring Musician Shares Unbelievable Act Of Generosity

post malone

A Scottish singer had a chance run-in with Post Malone that led to an unbelievable act of kindness.

According to BBC, Gregor Hunter Coleman was performing at a bar in Glasgow one night when Post Malone came in for a drink. He was in town for his Twelve Carat tour, and he spent some time listening to Gregor’s set.

When Gregor finished, the Sunflower singer thought he “smashed it,” so he introduced himself and offered to buy him a drink—which Gregor declined.

“He said, do you want a drink? I was like, listen, I’m saving for a house so I’m not drinking just now. Which was daft,” Gregor shared. “My mates were, like, why did you turn down a drink from Post Malone?”

Posty was impressed by his determination and asked Gregor to sing at his concert’s official afterparty instead. Gregor gladly accepted that offer.

Gregor Hunter Coleman on moving day

“He started saying, how much will you charge? I said nothing, it’s Post Malone, this is the chance of a lifetime,” Gregor added.

The conversation continued, and the two continued to click. Then Post Malone jumped in and offered to cover the down payment that Gregor was saving for.

“He got talking to me and he offered to help me out with my house deposit,” the singer shared.

Gregor wouldn’t disclose how much Post Malone gave him, but it was enough to officially buy his house. Gregor and his girlfriend recently posted pictures from their moving day.

Gregor at his new home

“There were things going around saying he’d bought me a house,” he said. “Obviously, this has helped towards me now having a deposit.”

Not only did Posty write a check for a down payment, but he also offered to mentor Gregor and listen to his original work as he strives to become a successful musician. Before parting ways, the singers exchanged numbers, and they stayed in touch.

“There’s a pressure now that I need to get good songs done,” Gregor admitted. “I need to get something happening with it rather than just being, like, I met Post Malone and back to the pub.”

“Hopefully he’s still interested and he still wants to hear them and he likes them,” Gregor added. “If not, then it’s back to the drawing board.”

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