Meet Roxy, The Brilliant Pup Who Just Saved Her Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

closeup of a dog named roxy laying on the floor in a living room while she’s mid-bark

Roxy is more than a beloved family pet – she’s a hero.


Everyone else in her house was asleep when she realized that something was wrong, so she did everything she could to get her owner’s attention. Luckily, waking up Brad Harbert wasn’t too hard since Roxy was very much not acting like herself.

“She just was jumping off my bed, jumping back up on the bed,” Brad said, “When I started to come to, I was hearing an alarm, and it wasn’t the smoke alarm.”

As soon as Brad got out of bed, Roxy made her way to his son’s room. Since his door was closed, she began to persistently scratch at it in an attempt to wake him up.

Meanwhile, Brad was checking his carbon monoxide detector to confirm what he suspected: There was active carbon monoxide in the house.

With who knows how much time left before the odorless gas would start to affect them, Brad quickly gathered his son, dad, and Roxy outside so he could call 911. Once the first responders arrived, they discovered that the source of the leak was from their electric and gas fireplace.

As soon as it was confirmed that everyone was safe, their attention turned to the star of the day: Roxy!

“She’s really mild mannered,” Brad said. “Usually when visitors come she’ll just say her little, ‘hello’ and jump up on you and give you a big kiss, but she doesn’t really bark a lot. But she does howl if you ask her to talk.”

It goes to show that no matter their temperament, dogs are able to do whatever it takes in order to protect the people they love.

“She can tell something was wrong that night when she woke me up and just her actions, she was kind of shivering and just really concerned that we would get outside,” he said. “[I’m] very, very happy to have a dog and very happy to have her.”

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