Company Accidentally Sends Teen 144 Pairs Of Fuzzy Socks, Girlfriend’s Hilarious Reaction Wins The Internet.

We’ve shared some awesome stories with you before about Christmas presents that go right. There was this little girl who was given a new doll from a kind Home Depot “Santa,” and there was this little boy whose Christmas wish came true when his mom told him he’d be a big brother for Christmas… but what about the Christmas presents that go wrong?


When 18-year-old Jackson Wade Knight asked his girlfriend, Haven Prevatt, what she wanted for Christmas, her answer was simple: fuzzy socks. What could be more simple than socks?


Being an awesome boyfriend, Jackson ordered a dozen pairs of fuzzy socks for Haven online, along with some jewelry, but when the order arrived at his home, Jackson immediately knew something was off.


“Nothing I ordered should be that big,” Jackson recalls thinking when the package arrived. He explained the box was “like three feet long and a foot tall,” definitely larger than necessary for the 12 socks he ordered!

When he opened the package, he found– not 1 dozen socks inside, but– TWELVE DOZEN pairs of fuzzy socks.


Jackson tweeted the above photo, saying “I ordered my girlfriend a dozen pairs of fuzzy socks and they sent me 12 dozen making 144 pairs of fuzzy socks.”

Upon realizing what had happened, Jackson panicked for a second, thinking maybe he’d accidentally ordered incorrectly. He immediately checked his bank account, but found he had only been charged $27, the price of one dozen pairs of socks.

Jackson tried calling the sock company to right this mistake, but couldn’t get ahold of anyone there. Finally, he decided the sock debacle was– in his words– “a happy accident,” although it may be something of a Christmas miracle!

People tweeted in reply, saying Jackson was “about to make [Haven] the happiest girl in the world” and calling him the “world’s greatest boyfriend.” Many people also tweeted with suggestions on what to do with the socks.


Haven even joked that she’d keep all 144 socks for the purpose of lying in the fuzzy goodness.


But Jackson decided to do the right thing and give the extra socks away. “I know some people were saying I could make a mad profit off them,” he explained, “but I think I’d rather play Santa Claus and either give them to my friends and cousins or go bring them to a homeless shelter.”

Now that’s the true spirit of Christmas!

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