Sick Goldfish Couldn’t Float, So Pet Store Employee Comes Up With Cutest Plan To Help Him.

A 20-year-old aquarium shop employee is going viral for going above and beyond for a troubled goldfish. The young man, named Derek, was working at the shop when a concerned customer came in saying their goldfish was stuck at the bottom of the tank. When Derek saw the poor fish struggling to stay upright, he knew right away that it had a swim bladder disorder.


A fish’s swim bladder is what controls the fish’s buoyancy in the water, so Derek had to get creative and think of a way to tackle this problem. The solution Derek came up with is warming hearts across the internet… Derek crafted a tiny, custom “wheelchair”


Derek texted his friend 19-year-old Taylor Nichole Dean showing off his contraption. Since Taylor is a pet-lover herself, Derek knew she’d appreciate what he did for the little creature.

Taylor immediately tweeted Derek’s adorable gesture, and the tweet blew up!


It got so much attention, she later followed up with an update on the fish. He’s doing well and was even upgraded to an improved wheelchair.


Many people on Twitter were touched by the friends’ compassion.

Way to go, Derek! You’re a fishy-hero!

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