Woman Folds In Half To Crawl Under Airport Chairs, Stuns Passengers With Incredible Limbo.

Airport layovers are just the worst. Traditional methods of entertainment get boring during a long terminal stay, but every now and again something totally unexpected happens. Shemika Charles, the reigning ‘Limbo Queen’ and Guinness World Record Holder for lowest limbo has her own foolproof plan to keep airport boredom at bay.


Charles was recently on a layover while traveling from Philadelphia to Wisconson when she decided to give her fellow travelers a show they’d never forget. It’s unclear whether or not bystanders recognized her and urged her to perform the trick, but whatever the circumstance it’s a moment they, and the rest of us, were blown away to witness.

The world famous acrobat stood at the edge of the chair, sizing up her obstacle before attempting the seemingly impossible.

In a series of gravity defying movements, Charles rocked her entire body backward until her head and shoulders were mere inches from the ground. These movements alone should be deemed impossible, but then Charles stepped things up a notch.

The young athlete began inching her way under the low seat back using her feet like little paddles until she had finally traversed the impossible distance.

It must have been pretty cool seeing this in person, but the video is amazing on its own! Check it out below.

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