Golden Retriever Puppy Born With Three Legs, Conquers Fear Of Stairs In The Most Adorable Way.

Ollie is a Golden Retriever puppy who was born last May with only three legs, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He loves spreading positive vibes and inspiring others to chase their dreams… even when it seems like they have obstacles in the way.


He lives in Knoxville, TN with his older sister Lexie the black lab. The dynamic duo plays hard every single day and little Ollie just can’t get enough.

Alex and Leanne Widmer adopted the adorable little guy from a local animal shelter. They decided to take it upon themselves to make the tyke a social media star, since Ollie can’t quite type with one paw. Alex is a filmmaker and storyteller, and though Ollie’s inspiring journey is amazing on its own, he is able to document it in an even more amazing way.

Ollie is looking forward to all of life’s adventures and the people he’ll meet along the way.

The internet fell in love with him when a viral video was posted to his Facebook page a few weeks ago. Ollie was pretty daunted by a set of stairs leading into the house, but his determined spirit got the better of him and he finally triumphed in the cutest way.

If you ever feel like the obstacles in your way are just too much to handle, remember Ollie and his wonderful little personality. There is nothing you can’t overcome!

Check out the video below.

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