Woman In Labor Trapped In Snow Storm. When Ambulance Can’t Reach Her, Cops Enact Brave Plan.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at a police officer and not think of him or her as the person who gave you a speeding ticket. But– as we’ve seen again and again– police officers are much more than that. Good police officers, who take their responsibilities seriously and go above and beyond, are our heroes.


Remember the police officer who saved a young boy from drowning and then shared a heartwarming reunion with him 19 years later? How about the dozens of officers who not only found and saved 3 abandoned children, but who then followed up by showering the kids’ new family with gifts paid for out of their own pockets?

But it seems this kindness is not unique to our local police forces. Last week, we saw police officers in India go above and beyond for a desperate young woman.

It all started when a 23-year-old pregnant woman named Kamini, went into labor on a snowy night. Kamini lives in a remote Indian village called Bhont in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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Kamini called an ambulance, but– because of a heavy snow storm– paramedics were not able to reach her. Kamini and her family were understandably frightened, until 6 police officers showed up at her door.

The policemen wrapped Kamini in a quilt and laid her down on a cot they had brought with them.

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For three and a half hours, the policemen trudged down the mountain through ice and snow, traversing over 6 miles… carrying Kamini to the nearest hospital in Shimla.

There Kamini gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

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Watch the video below for more on this incredible story.

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