Cop Rescues Orphans Girls From Streets, Then Receives Note With 1 Heartwrenching Question.

When two young girls were found abandoned and wandering the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, concerned residents of Port Elizabeth took the girls to the local police station.


The girls told officers that they were orphaned and staying with a guardian that had kicked them both out. They were alone on the street for two days.

After hearing their story, officers showered them with clothing, food, and toys, using money from their own wallets. The girls were even treated to a favorite local breakfast place for an unparalleled feast several times that week.

In an adorable effort to show their appreciation, the girls, aged 7 and 9, each wrote heartfelt notes to the officers that were heartbreaking and beautiful.


The girls thanked the officers for treating them like their own children, told them they loved them, and then asked ‘can you be our parents?’

“We want to tell you that thank you for taking us as you children and youre being so kindness for us and we love you and your wife….Can you be our parents.”

The notes, written in pen and crayon, have begun making their way around the world for all the right reasons.


While the officers involved were not able to adopt them, their heartwarming encounter went above and beyond for two small children who simply needed to feel secure and loved.


Every year, tens of thousands of kids from around the world find themselves in exactly the same situation as these two. Thankfully, all ended up well for these sisters, but that is not always the case.

Though the foster care system does its part, the job is far too big for any one group to handle.

If you never have before, consider fostering or adoption. How beautiful would it be to witness a life changed forever for the better. You can be part of the solution!

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