Dad Tells Groomer To Give Dog “New Look,” But Ridiculous Haircut Has Family Freaking Out.

As silly as it sounds, doggy-grooming is a powerful thing. Thanks to rehabilitation and skilled groomers, we’ve seen some incredible transformations like the ones in these 20 before and after photos. But groomers also have the power to destroy a dog’s “look” as we saw with these 22 pet haircuts that went horribly wrong. To be honest, we’re not sure what exactly happened with the doggy-do below!


Last week, the Braden family dog, named Cooper, went in for his usual grooming when things… went awry. Dad Jody would typically take Cooper to the groomer, so the family had no reason to distrust their dad. But– for some inexplicable reason– Jody went rogue on this last visit to the groomer and asked that Cooper be given a “new look.”

The look he was going for was a Mohawk. What he got was more like a sad, underdeveloped rhino horn… off center.


Jody proudly texted Cooper’s faux-hawk to the family saying “New look!” When Mom responded with “Oh no!” he must have clearly realized he wasn’t getting the desired response. But he maintained that Cooper– and his Mohawk– look “awesome.”


Jody’s son, Beau, tweeted about the grooming incident saying, “Before and after my dad ruined our dog.”






“He went from good boy to Mr. T,”said Beau of his beloved family dog. No one wants a dog that looks like Mr. T.

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But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending to Cooper’s tale! Beau’s sister– who was the most upset by the unfortunate haircut– took her dad’s clippers and shaved the “mohawk” off. Now Dad’s days of taking Cooper to the groomer alone are over, and the infamous mohawk lives on only in memory. RIP mohawk.


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