Meet Salty, The Dog Who Survived A Week Alone In The Frigid Montana Winter.

a man named roger jacobs smiling as he sits in a chair and pets his dog named salty

Salty has been Roger Jacobs’ steadfast companion ever since she was a tiny puppy.


Each bird season, she can be found by his side, patiently waiting for Roger to give her another command. But even a pup this loyal couldn’t resist the temptation of the possible adventures that awaited her on the other side of an open gate door.

Roger is usually quick to close his gates, but as he took a walk around his property the week before Christmas, it slipped his mind just long enough for Salty to slip out unnoticed.

As soon as Roger noticed that his pup was missing, he grabbed his whistle and blew it as loud as he could. But no matter how much he tried, there was no response.

“We searched for days, put everything out on the internet, drove day and night looking,” he said.

By day six, any hope Roger had of ever seeing his beloved dog was quickly fading, especially since the Montana winter weather had become as harsh as ever that week. At night, the temperature would dip as low as 15 degrees below zero.

That’s why it was all the more astonishing that, by chance, Salty was spotted the very next day by a friend of Roger’s named Bill Lepley! The tough pup was found walking along a river, no doubt freezing from her officially week-long adventure.

As soon as Bill called to let them know who he may have found, Roger and his daughter, Becky Anderson, rushed down to the river for what would turn out to be the best reunion ever!

“Finally, she heard me and she came running towards me,” Roger said. “And I’ve been blowing my whistle so hard and walking through snow and I was all gassed and she was gassed and cold.”

Although Salty was a bit roughed up from her time in the frigid Montana winter, she couldn’t be happier to be back where she belongs.

“Feet are cold, one good gash on her leg and a little skinny but otherwise healthy and happy as can be!” Becky wrote on Facebook. “Thank you so much to all who have been on the lookout and all who have sent good wishes of finding her!”

Watch their happy reunion below and don’t forget to share.

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