Little Girl Dramatically Sings ABCs, Her Broadway-Worthy Performance Is Melting Hearts Everywhere.

little girl singing with beige shirt and blonde curly hair

When kids get the opportunity to take center stage and do their thing, the results are always adorable. They always manage to put a smile on the face of everyone who watches them. And this little performer singing her ABC’s is no different.


First copyrighted way back in 1835, the Alphabet Song has been used for nearly two centuries to teach children their ABCs. Multiple studies have shown that when song is incorporated into early childhood learning, their retention and memorization capability dramatically increases. Most languages have few characters and sounds associated with them, but “phonics songs”like the ABC’s help kids absorb somewhat abstract information and remember it.

One little girl from Louisiana has taken the Alphabet Song to entirely new heights. The adorable child in question, Violet Orgea, is only two years old, but it seems she has quite the theatrical future in front of her. Instead of singing the tune the traditional way, the precious little one decided to give the classic tune an operatic spin that is spreading like wildfire across social media.

“Every song she knows, she sings like this,”Christina told The Huffington Post on Saturday. “The whole family really enjoys music so it’s always playing in the house and she learns the songs when I sing to her rocking to sleep at night.â€

Check out her adorable performance below!

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