12 Kids Try Warheads For First Time & Their Reactions Are Hysterical!

Do you remember the first time you tried a Warhead candy? If you have ever had one before you’ll know that the sour taste is super powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it can be practically impossible to finish a whole Warhead.


In 2012 a video reel was posted on the CompilarizTV YouTube account of several children tasting a Warhead candy for the very first time. Even if it has been a long time since your last Warhead candy, their expressions are so hilariously accurate, that all of the memories of the taste are sure to come rushing back.


One of the best parts of this video are not just their reactions to the sourness, but also the fact that the instant the candy hits their tongue, they immediately spit it right out. There are hardly any moments of hesitation or trying to grab the candy before it falls. They just let it drop to the ground.

But their look of shock over the taste, shows that they are not worried about losing the candy at all.


One or two of the kids in the video try to act like they are super cool and love the sour candy. However, it is easy to see through their smiles and assurances that they really are not okay.

They want so badly to play it cool, but each time the pain of the sour taste breaks through the act.


All of these funny little children in this video reel have such unique and silly reactions to the Warhead candy. It was way too hard to pick a favorite – they are all just way too cute!

Watch this hilarious video and share it with your friends who need a laugh today.

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