This 22-Yr-Old Just Stopped A Worldwide Cyber-Attack, Shut Down Hackers With A Mere $10.

One person really can save the world.

The statement was proved true when a 22-yr-old British man known only as Marcus Hutchins single handedly halted a global cyber attack that could have devastated millions. The cyber attack, now infamously known as ‘”WannaCry,” was designed to hack valuable data hostage until $300 ransom was paid online.

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Overnight, the virus spread to 100 countries and hundreds of thousands of computers in the hands of everyday people and officials. Alarm bells rang and governments everywhere tried to shut the attack down… but to no avail.


Marcus and some friends were looking into the code of the virus when he noticed an unregistered internet domain name that the attack seemed to be coming from. On a whim, Marcus Hutchins purchased the domain name for a mere $10.

His simple action accidentally hit a kill switch that permanently shut down the WannaCry virus.

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The hero was lauded with praise for his actions and even offered a $10,000 reward for his efforts. Marcus declined to keep the money and decided to “split $10,000 between charity and books written on information security for those who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

Marcus is a true hero. Not in it for the fame or fortune… simply for the betterment of mankind. Let’s follow his example and be there for others today!

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