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Rescued Sea Otter Celebrates Her 13th Birthday With Otterly Adorable Party

A sea otter with their paws on an upturned plastic tub made to look like a cake.

If you’ve never seen a sea otter birthday party, get ready for an overload of cuteness! When Libby the otter turned 13, her rescuers threw her the sweetest get-together to celebrate. KPassionate shared footage of the adorable gathering on social media. There were delicious snacks, fun games, and, most importantly, Libby’s friends Clara and Moea!

Although the “birthday cake” probably wouldn’t look too appetizing to us, it was the perfect treat for a sea otter. After all, the candles were made of fish! Even more snacks were distributed around the enclosure, such as frozen shrimp. For entertainment, the sea otters got a birthday “piñata” to play with. However, it wasn’t filled with candy — instead, there were clams and mussels inside!


Libby was rescued as a pup 13 years ago after being abandoned by her mother. ❤️ #birthday #otter #seaotter

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Libby and her sea otter friends seem to have had a wonderful time at the birthday party. If anyone deserves to be celebrated on her special day, it’s this rescued critter. According to the caption on social media, Libby’s mom abandoned her as a baby. It’s amazing that she made it to 13!

Commenters loved seeing these sea otters live it up at Libby’s birthday party. Many users sent their best b-day wishes to the adorable animal!

“Happy birthday Libby!” one person wrote. “And thank YOU for throwing this lovely party for her and her friends!!”

These sea otters had a great time at the birthday party!

A sea otter with their paws on an upturned plastic tub made to look like a cake.
Screengrab from TikTok

One user was curious about how the piñata worked, since it was basially a giant water bottle. Thankfully, KPassionate was happy to provide the details.

“There are holes on the bottom that I drilled,” they wrote.

In another video, KPassionate shared more footage of the otters playing with their new toy. It’s too funny watching them try to shake the treats out of the piñata!

We’ve seen a lot of cute things on the internet, but this sea otter birthday party definitely takes the cake.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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