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Puzzled Officers Find Prosthetic Leg In The Middle Of Nowhere… And Go On Hunt For The Owner!

Left image shows a sheriff with a found prosthetic leg. Right image shows the Somona Sheriff returning the leg to its owner.

When you take the oath to become a police officer, you know you may have to deal with unusual situations. As we visit an “oldie, but goodie” from 2019, puzzled Sonoma Sheriff officers never saw this coming. You might say that this sort “fell” into their laps. The call came in from Cloverdale Lumber Yard. Workers had found a prosthetic leg in the yard without knowing where it came from.

Found prosthetic leg laying on the ground in a lumber yard.
Image from Facebook.

It turns out the leg literally “fell from the sky.” Fortunately, they didn’t stay stumped for long. After some sleuthing, sheriff deputies discovered that a skydiver had lost the prosthetic leg during a jump. The owner, Dion, and some friends conducted a ground search but could not locate it. Surprisingly, when found, the prosthetic leg was intact even after falling from around 10,000 feet.

Sheriff trying to figure out how the leg ended up in a lumber yard without its person attached.
Image from Facebook.

Dion met with Sonoma Sheriff personnel, telling them how he originally lost his leg. The amputation was necessary after a freak skydiving accident in 2017. Dion never let the limb loss hold him back and intends to continue skydiving. He mentioned that he would attach a tether to the leg if it disengages again. Hopefully, that will keep him from losing a leg for the third time!

Sonoma Sheriff returning the found prosthetic leg to its owner.
Image from Facebook.

After the leg was returned, Dion was very happy. Replacing the leg would cost around $15,000. He did have a spare leg that he wore to pick up the found prosthetic leg, but it might be an old model and not suitable for skydiving.

Police officers of every flavor often get a bad rap and are portrayed as “the bad guys.” It is refreshing to see them here to offer Dion a leg up. Share a smile with friends.

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