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Dog Dad Loses It When His Golden Retriever Puppy Finally Jumps On The Bed For The First Time

A man squats on a bed as he looks over at his golden retriever puppy. The pup's back is facing the camera. He's peaking onto the bed but his hindlegs are still on the floor.

When babies reach certain milestones, it’s common for their parents to take a moment to celebrate. But if you’ve ever had a pet of your own, you know that the same is true for our four-legged friends as well! Part of the reason why is because, as a pet like a dog grows up, there’s so much for them to learn and explore. For Tim Cooke’s golden retriever puppy, Barley, this included learning how to jump on the bed. As much as Tim wanted Barley to join him on the bed, this sweet pup couldn’t quite figure it out.

Whenever you’re teaching someone how to do something new, patience is key. This is true of both humans and our animal friends. This is clearly the mindset Tim has as he demonstrates how to jump on the bed, emphasizing that Barley needs to use his hind legs. Or, as Time explains it, Barley needs to use his legs not his arms. It takes quite a few tries but, once he’s able to do it, the celebration begins!

@unsolicitedtim Caught him jumping on the bed for the first time 🥲🥹 he’s growing so fast ❤️ #fyp #dogsoftiktok #goldenretrieverlife #puppy #newskills #puppyprogress #prouddogdad ♬ original sound – unsolicitedtim

As you can imagine, folks on social media are loving this wholesome video — it currently has over 16 million views! There really is so much to love about it. There’s Barley, of course, who couldn’t be cuter as he pays close attention to his dad’s instructions. But people are also loving Tim and his fitting golden retriever energy!

Golden Retriever Puppy Gets All the Love for Jumping on the Bed

“Excellent! A Golden retriever showing another golden retriever the ropes!” someone in the comments lovingly jokes.

Social media comments 

Tim: I'M DEAD lmao!

“HE WAS SO HAPPY WHEN HE FINALLY DID IT,” another person exclaims, matching Tim and Barley’s energy. “OMG THIS IS SO WHOLESOME.”

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