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“When Your Twins Are So Identical, Even Mom And Dad Can’t Tell Them Apart”

Images show one identical twin entering the parent's bedroom and neither parent being sure which one it is.

Kristen Fox is a twin mom extraordinaire. As such, she has mastered the art of multitasking and managing their four-member household. However, she and her husband have one problem, which they haven’t been able to master fully. Their twins are so identical that the parents still have trouble telling them apart. The girls are four years old, and it isn’t getting easier for them over time. One trip through Kristen’s Instagram feed proves this fact.

Jayna and Kinsley are often called J & K. They are identical in every way, although they sometimes wear different-colored outfits. It would be easier on their parents if they dressed them differently daily, but where is the fun in that?

Since the twins were born, Kristen has posted about their adventures. Her Instagram contains family fun, vacation trips, and timely advice learned “on the go.” The above video was from two years ago. The girls were two, but the young parents still asked, “Who are you?” when one of the girls wandered into their bedroom. The parents speculated with one another, trying to decide which twin it was.

Images show one of the twin girls walking into the parent's bedroom with commentary from the parents trying to figure out which twin it is.
Images from Instagram.

Even with her abilities as a supermom carved in stone, Kristen still has her moments. During an attempt to make a cute and appetizing, Pinterest-worthy Easter brunch, the results caused one of the girls to run away screaming. Not everything is as easy as it looks online!

These two girls are best friends forever. They dress as a family in coordinated Halloween costumes. The twins hold hands whenever possible.

Left image shows the four-member family in coordinated Halloween outfits. Right image shows the identical twins holding hands on a walk.
Images from Instagram here and here.

The family embraces the girls’ “sameness” while allowing them unique identities. We wish them a continuing joyous adventure. You can keep up with the family on Instagram. Please share this if you know parents with identical twins to let them know they aren’t the only ones who can’t tell them apart.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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