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The Full Flower Moon Is Blooming Soon! Best Times To See & More

View of a pink full moon next to some tree branches.

Between the total solar eclipse in April and the northern lights putting on a show as far south as Florida this month, 2024 has been quite a spectacular year for stargazers! Amidst all of these special events, we shouldn’t forget about the ones that we can always count on. This includes, of course, the gorgeous full moon we see every single month. For May in particular, though, we can expect to see what is called the Flower Moon.

Every full moon has been given its own special name — several, in fact! Fittingly, one of the most popular ones for May’s is the Flower Moon. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, these names originate from Native American, Colonial American, European sources, and more. As you might imagine, May’s full moon earned its nickname thanks to all of the beautiful flowers expected to bloom this month.

Close up of a single flower at night. The full moon is a bit blurry and in the distance. The moon is also positioned perfectly on top of the flower.
Alex Meta / Unsplash

This means that, during the day, you can admire all of the flora coming to life – then, at night, you can gaze at the world’s most beautiful night light. But when will this be possible? And how can you get the best view?

Ready For The Flower Moon? Here’s When and How to Admire This Beautiful Celestial Event

This year, optimal viewing of the Flower Moon will be on May 22 at around 7:40 p.m. — to get a better idea of exactly when the moon is expected to rise in your area, you can use this tool.

For optimal viewing, you’ll want to check if it’s cloudy or not — this could potentially affect your experience. Otherwise, like with most celestial events, the less light pollution you’re around the better. Otherwise, all you need to do is look up. Though, laying on a blanket next to some flowers might be the most fitting way to view the Flower Moon!

Featured image sourced via Canva!

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