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Toddler Puts Disney Hug Rule To The Test When She Refuses To Let Go Of Anna

Anna from "Frozen" hugs a little girl at a Disney theme park.

Have you heard about the Disney hug rule? Character actors at Disney’s theme parks are instructed to never be the first one to let go of a hug with a child. Usually, kids will break away from their favorite princesses and cartoon characters when they’re ready. However, one toddler was determined to hold on as long as possible when she met meet Anna from Frozen!

McCall Cook shared a sweet video of her daughter, Hazel June, getting a warm welcome from one of her favorite princesses. However, this character actor had no idea how long of an embrace she was in for! As soon as this toddler met Anna, she melted into the woman’s arms completely. And, because of the Disney hug rule, the character didn’t let go — even when the child clung to her for an almost comically long time!


I THINK SHE BROKE THE RECORD WHAT DO YOU THINK? 👀 The Disney hug rule means that characters are to never let go of the child’s hug first and to allow the child to hug as long as they want! I think hazie wouldve sat there all day long if there wasnt a line behind us haha 🥹 #fyp #disneyland #trending #momsoftiktok #characterhugs #frozen

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In true Disney princess fashion, Anna was the best sport about the little girl’s refusal to let go. She just kept talking to Hazel June, asking about her day at the theme park and telling her fun facts about her friend Olaf.

“I think you two can just go enjoy your day,” Anna joked to the child’s parents. “Hazel June and I will hang out right here.”

Anna observed the Disney hug rule to the letter!

Of course, all good things have to come to an end eventually. The little girl’s parents coaxed the toddler out of Anna’s arms so that they could get a better picture of her meeting the princess (and so that the other children could have a turn). McCall Cook couldn’t say enough good things about the Disney theme park and their heartwarming hug rule.

“I think Hazie would’ve sat there all day long if there wasn’t a line behind us haha,” the mom wrote in her video caption.

Anna from "Frozen" hugs a little girl at a Disney theme park.
Screengrab from TikTok

Many commenters were in tears over the clip of this little girl putting the Disney hug rule to the test!

“Why does the Disney hug rule always make me cryyy,” wrote one user. “Healing that inner child in me.”

“She’s like, ‘I know the rules… you can’t let go! You’re mine forever!'” another laughed.

Meeting Anna will probably go down as one of this toddler’s best memories thanks to the Disney hug rule.

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