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Woman Modeling Wedding Dresses Has No Clue What’s Waiting Behind Her

A woman wearing a wedding dress slowly turns around toward her boyfriend who is on one knee. Text on the image reads: Wondering why people are asking me to turn around

So many of us dream of what it will be like to get proposed to by the love of our life. For Jorgia Moore, who is very difficult to surprise, she never expected that this is how her big moment would play out. It took place just after a fashion show called The Wedding Fair — Jorgia herself took part in it. Immediately after it ended, she was asked to model some wedding dresses. Little did she know, however, that having her try on the dresses was all apart of her boyfriend’s proposal plan!

As Jorgia showed off her modeling skills, Greg Lindquist eagerly waited for her to turn around. As he did, he stayed on one knee, ring out. In the end, Greg had to wait much longer than he expected — Jorgia is simply too caught up in her modeling work! But once she turns around, and comprehends that Greg is in front of her, she bursts into tears.


My engagement was to this day the most shocked I’ve been in my life 🥲❤️

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“It’s so hard to surprise me, but it’s safe to say he pulled it off,” Jorgia shares in a video of the proposal.

How creative is this proposal? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting engaged while wearing a wedding dress — and I’m not the only one. People are raving over how thoughtful and romantic this proposal turned out. Plus, now this sweet couple has photos of this unforgettable moment. Best of all, they look all-the-better because of how dressed up they are!

Man Pulls Off Romantic Proposal While His Girlfriend Models Wedding Dresses

“The first proposal we’ve had at The Wedding Fair,” an official account for the event writes. “So happy we were a part of this moment! Congratulations again!!! This was such a beautiful moment.”

Needless to say, Jorgia couldn’t be happier with how her engagement turned out!

“My engagement was to this day the most shocked I’ve been in my life,” she happily shares.

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