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“I Go Meow” Kitty Singing: The Best Renditions Of The Internet’s Favorite Cat

Images show "I Go Meow" kitty Cala singing her song.

By now, almost everyone on social media has seen the viral “I Go Meow” video. The original video features the melodious tones of Cala, the singing cat. Cala’s song has also had remixes and accompaniment by several artists. The video that started it all is on Instagram and TikTok.

The audience loves all the different renditions, regardless of the musicians’ additions. Cala is a beautiful, petite ginger tabby. All ginger cats are talkers. No one understands why, but gingers are the most talkative of all cat types. They will carry on complete conversations with their humans, including appropriate pauses to allow the human to interject a thought or two. They are amazing.

Cala’s owner, Elizabeth Toth, says the ginger tabby is most vocal during playtime. There are many videos of Cala singing the song of her brethren on Elizabeth’s social media channels. You can find Cala on Instagram and TikTok. Elizabeth is pretty responsive in answering questions and inquiries from her fan base.

Collaborations Of “I Go Meow”

Singer, songwriter, and musician David Scott, known as “The Kiffness,” is one of the best collaborators. The Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, artist has dozens of collaborations on his YouTube channel. He has made a name for himself, providing music and lyrics for various animals and interesting people.

Left side of image shows musical artist The Kiffness. Right side shows Cala, the I Go Meow singing cat.
Image from YouTube.

The Kiffness has recorded a longer version of “I Go Meow,” adding his lyrics to Cala’s song. His vocals and instrumental accompaniment are phenomenal. This version is available on Spotify and other music streaming services.

This short version includes visuals to plant Cala’s song in your brain.


I Go Meow out now everywhere 😻 @The Kiffness @Cala & Elizabeth

♬ I Go Meow – The Kiffness

If you prefer a metal version, this version is from Moonic Productions.

Someone decided to use this shortened version of “I Go Meow,” with Cala, the singing cat, as an alarm sound. I have cats. This would not wake me. I can sleep through full-fledged fur-flinging catfights happening on the end of my bed.

Regardless of your favorite version, Cala, the singing cat, will be gracing us with her vocal rendition of “I Go Meow” for a long time. The popularity of the clip only seems to increase with the passage of time. If you want to hear more of Cala’s songs, visit her Instagram and TikTok, where her mom, Elizabeth, posts frequent new videos.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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