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The Story Of Minnie Moo — The Cow With Mickey Mouse Markings Rescued By Disney World

Side-view of a cow as she eats. She has a large marking on her side that looks just like Mickey Mouse's head

Disney World is known for being the most magical place on Earth — and it’s stories like these that show why that’s the case. In 1988, both of the Disney parks received quite an unusual letter. It was written by the niece of a family who had farm animals, including cows. One cow in particular, though, wasn’t producing milk. Initially, the plan was to have her slaughtered. But this kind-hearted niece reached out to Disney in hopes they could use her in one of their parks instead.

As random as this request may seem, there’s a very good reason why the niece thought Disney would be interested. This cow had an especially unique marking on her side — and it looked like Mickey Mouse’s head! As much of a long shot as it may have seemed, Disney officially purchased this adorable cow in 1990. From here, she was welcomed to her new home at Grandma Duck’s Petting Farm in Mickey’s Starland at the Magic Kingdom. Here, she earned the name Minnie Moo.

In no time, Minnie Moo became a fan-favorite of guests from all around the world. Over the years, her spot in the park changed. In 1996, she and others from the petting farm were relocated to the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground’s petting zoo. Here, she continued to grow in popularity, bringing joy to so many guests of all ages.

Meet Minnie Moo, the Beloved Cow Who Called Disney World Her Home

Close up of a cow, Minnie Moo, as she eats. On her side is a marking that looks just like Mickey Mouse's head.

Sadly, Minnie Moo did pass away in 2001. Luckily, she made it to 17, something not a lot of Holstein cows can say. And although she’s gone, the memory of this beloved cow continues on at Disney World. That’s because her memorial plaque has been placed in the trophy room at Fort Wilderness.

Thanks to that niece’s caring heart, not only was this sweet cow saved, but she’s gone on to have a positive impact on countless people. How cool is that!?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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