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“Hero” Dog Fights Off Coyotes To Save Owner Stranded For 2 Nights In Frigid Temperatures

Left image shows Hero, the hero dog. Right image shows the rescue scene where a first responder holds Hero to the side where he can watch as they help his owner.

We often hear that “dog is a man’s best friend.” An Akita named Hero lived up to that in a big way. This hero dog saved his owner’s life and lived up to his name. The story unfolds in Taber, Alberta, Canada, which is quite cold in March. A man was walking his two dogs when he got stuck in deep mud and could not get up. Hero stayed by his owner’s side, helping to keep the 61-year-old warm and fending off coyotes at one point.

The man’s second dog, Tora, ran off and was discovered later back in the man’s yard. Hero stayed with his owner throughout the ordeal. The area where they had been walking was quite remote and not well-traveled. On the second day, another dog owner, Curtis Dahl, was out with his rottweiler, Jack. The Akita, in an uncharacteristic move, attacked Jack. The attack prompted Curtis to contact emergency services. Hero was calmly lying off to the side when they responded to the scene. Once responders got near Hero, they heard a faint cry for help and discovered Hero’s owner.

Image show the rescue scene once rescuer's found Hero and his stranded owner in a remote location.
Image from Facebook.

As more details became known, it is suspected that Tora stayed by her owner’s side with Hero for much of the time he was stuck. At some point, Tora made the trek to their home and possibly commuted back and forth several times through the ordeal. She has a rod in her leg from a previous break, and the incident has loosened some of the screws holding the rod in place. Hero suffered lacerations from his tussle with Jack.

Left image shows Hero, the hero dog. Right image shows Hero's sister Tora.
Images from YouTube and Facebook.

The Healing Process And Celebrating The Hero Dog

Hero and Tora received treatment at the Taber Lost Paws Society, a local shelter. Their injuries have been cared for, and both are recovering nicely. The two dogs will remain at the shelter until their owner is released from the hospital. Jack’s injuries, as well as those of his owner, have also been taken care of. Jack had several lacerations. Curtis received a deep cut requiring stitches while trying to separate the two dogs.

Left image shows the injuries to Jack, a rottweiler. Right image shows the injuries to Jack's Owner, Curtis.
Images from YouTube.

The Taber Lost Paws Society has started a GoFundMe to assist with the costs of treating all three dogs and the stitches Curtis needed in his thumb. The effort raised almost $3,000 within 48 hours!

In an incredible act of forgiveness, Curtis holds no ill feelings toward Hero now that he understands the situation. The Taber Police Department and the animal rescue workers are commending the hero dog, and they are right! Hero certainly lived up to his name. As we celebrate this hero named Hero, we are happy to report that all three dogs and their two humans are expected to recover completely.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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