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This Sob-Worthy Love Story Is Proof That Soulmates Really Do Exist

After 50 years apart, these lovebirds reconnected at their high school reunion and married years later — proving soulmates do exist.

In junior high, Elaine Hall, who was a cheerleader at the time, had a serious crush on her school’s baseball star, Roland Passaro. While there was a ton of chemistry between the two at the time, they never officially pursued a relationship. In fact, after graduating, they both went their separate ways and ended up marrying other people.

However, it seems soulmates like Elaine and Roland truly do find their way back to each other. When they ran into each other decades later, they were both single once more. And despite the time and distance, the connection they felt was immediate and undeniable.

“I feel the same way as I did at 15,” Elaine told TODAY.com “I still get the butterflies. I just love him so much.”

“All this time later, I thought she was just as beautiful, just as exciting,” Roland added.

“I always had a special place in my heart for Roland all through those years,” Elaine stated. “I often wondered how he was, if he was happy, had a good life.”

Soulmates Says, “I Do,” More Than 70 Years After First Feeling “The Butterflies”

And another 20+ years later, they took their romance to another level and tied the knot so Elaine could get the traditional wedding she always wanted.

“I kept saying at 88, maybe I shouldn’t wear a veil. My daughters said, ‘Mom, quit trying not to look like a bride. You’re a bride. We’re going to do the whole thing,'” Elaine continued.

Because Elaine’s first wedding was a rushed, no-frills ceremony before her then-husband went off to Germany in the military, she wore a blue sun dress rather than the white wedding gown of her dreams. The couple had three kids together but ultimately ended up divorcing in 1975.

This time around, she got to do it right when marrying Roland.

“When I got up there to him, he said to me, ‘You look so beautiful,'” Elaine said.

Now, at age 88, they share the “good life” together.

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