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Donkey Can’t Contain His Excitement Over New Squeaky Toy

A donkey happily laughs, mouth wide open and eyes closed.

Dogs are known for being particularly playful creatures, but they are certainly not the only ones! Creatures of all kinds love to have play time — and often in some of the most unexpected, and adorable, ways. Debbie Schluterman proves this through the amazing content she posts on her TikTok page. Here, you’ll find all sorts of fun videos showcasing her donkey named… well, Donkey. And yes, he is named after the beloved character in Shrek.

At 9-years-old, it seems that there is little that Donkey loves more than getting a new toy. Many get donated to him, and Debbie records his reaction to playing with them for the first time. “But what kind of toys do donkeys like,” you might be wondering. Well, for this particular guy, the answer is frequently… a squeaky rubber chicken toy!

@debbieschluterman Thanks so much @Bryan he really loves the peg leg pirate chicken you got from @Gotrubberchickens.com! I appreciate you sending it to him!! #donkey #happy #petsoftiktok #joy #squeakytoy #animalsfunny #pettricks #crazyanimals ♬ original sound – Inthemorningimmakingwaffles

Although Donkey is a fan of these toys in general, he especially loves the one in the video above. As soon as he hears it, he wags his tail, eager to get ahold of his new toy. Once he’s able to find a comfy spot to sit, he goes to town! As the toy squeaks away, Donkey joins in with his own silly noises. Just when you think he’s had enough, he simply keeps going!

“You’re making me dizzy, Donkey,” Debbie says.

Donkey’s Pure Joy Over New Squeaky Chicken Toy is Contagious

Then, as if he understands her, Donkey takes a break. As soon as he does, he gets closer to Debbie so she can pet him. It’s almost like he’s taking the time to thank her for giving him such a fantastic toy!

“This donkey is happier than I’ve EVER been,” someone admits in the comments, “and I’m always happy.”

“That’s the happiness I wanna feel,” another person shares. “I’m coming back as a donkey!!”

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