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Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Details Life With Four Kids, “I’m A Reba McEntire Song”

Ryan Reynolds joked about life with his four kids while his wife was away, stating “I’m a Reba McEntire song.”

On Instagram back in February, Blake Lively shared that she “left [her] kids for the first time ever” to take a trip without her husband, Ryan. At the time, Blake headed to the Super Bowl with her good friend, Taylor Swift, who was cheering on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

During his interview with TODAY, Hoda Kotb asked Ryan how he coped with his four kids while his wife was away.

“You know, single dad. I’m a Reba McEntire song,” he joked. “Single dad, doing it all. Yeah, just doing it for them, right?”

He then added that while his wife was enjoying her much-deserved vacation, he occupied his kids by taking them to the park.

“Told them Mommy left when they were young. Surprisingly, you get a lot of action that way,” he quipped, causing an eruption of laughter from the hosts.

“No, we had a good time,” he added. “No one died, which was nice.”

Ryan Reynolds Details Life With Four Kids

Ryan went on to say that with four kids, you often have to “just surrender.”

“It’s just a zoo!” he exclaimed. “You just surrender 24/7.”

Ryan and Blake’s children include James, 9; Inez, 7; Betty, 4; and their baby, who was born in February 2023. The couple has yet to disclose the gender or name of their newest addition to the fam.

“When we had our fourth, I was so happy because I always wanted to make sure we had someone on hand to give me strep throat,” Ryan joked on TODAY. “And now we’ve recovered.”

Many fans shared their love in the comment section of TODAY’s Instagram post.

“The only rule to a vacationing parent is to return home to the same number of children you left,” one person wrote.

“Having three kids is a zoo to me but I can definitely relate to the strep throat thing!” another commented. “Omg 😳 never in my life had this much sickness like this! The no one died comment 🤣 that killed me lol.”

The featured photo of this article is by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images.

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