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Goldie Hawn Radiates Joy While Dancing In The Kitchen — Who Said Washing Dishes Isn’t Fun?

Goldie Hawn raises her hands in the air as she dances through her kitchen.

One of the worst parts about becoming an adult is having this realization: There are always more chores to be done. Whether it’s washing clothes, doing the dishes, or taking out the trash, the list can seem endless at times. Most of us don’t consider these activities to be very fun — unless you’re someone like Goldie Hawn. The actor, who is known for having quite a bubbly personality, insists that even something as mundane as washing dishes can be fun. To prove her point, Goldie Hawn shares a video of herself dancing to Hey Ya! by OutKast. Best of all, she’s not the only one in it!

In this adorable video, which she shared in 2020, the beloved actor shows off her dance skills in her kitchen. At first, it seems like she’s the only one there — besides the person recording the video, of course. But soon enough, we see that it’s a whole family event! Both her partner, Kurt Russell, and one of their children, Wyatt Russell, can be seen busting some moves, too!

“Washing dishes doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a dance,” Hawn writes in the caption of her Instagram video. “It’s all up to us.”

Goldie Hawn and Her Family Show Off Their Dancing Skills While Washing the Dishes

It’s so fun to see how a simple task can be transformed into a fun family event. That’s why fans are enjoying this video so much — not only are Hawn and her family a delight, but they’re reminding folks of the simple joys we can find in our everyday lives.

“Goldie could make ANYTHING FUN!” one fan writes. “Adorable!”

“Love your attitude!” another shares. “Love is the fuel that keeps us moving forward!”

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