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Little Boy Sobs Tears Of Joy At His Mom’s College Graduation

A little boy crying at his mom's graduation ceremony.

Most parents are proud to watch their kids’ graduations, but one mom found out that her young son was just as proud of her! During the ceremony, Dad captured a wonderful video of his partner in her cap and gown. However, when he turned the camera over to their child, he realized that the little boy was crying. Understandably concerned, his father asked him what was wrong. The child’s response will melt your heart!

“I love my mom,” the little boy said. “It’s happy tears, Dad.”

Mom was so touched when she got to see this adorable clip from her graduation, she just had to share it on social media!


My son crying at my college graduation 🥹❤️ graduation momlife graduation2024

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“My son crying at my college graduation,” the woman wrote in her caption.

Commenters were moved to see this little boy get so emotional during his mom’s graduation. Many people also congratulated these parents for raising a young man who isn’t afraid to express his feelings.

“Thank you Dad for letting him show his emotions and be proud of his momma,” wrote one user.

“He’s so proud of you!!” added another. “And kudos to whoever is sitting with him for not telling him to stop crying!!!”

A third said, “I love this generation of parents healing the world one little precious human at a time.”

Sometimes, boys need to cry, too!

A little boy crying at his mom's graduation ceremony.
Screengrab from TikTok

In an article for Men’s Health, father and author Ryan Holiday lamented the fact that many boys are taught from a young age not to cry. He believes that society teaches young men some very harmful things about their own emotions, namely that expressing them in certain ways is “weak.” It’s not ok for guys to weep when they’re sad, but it’s ok for them to get aggressive and even violent when they’re angry. Holiday has been using a more wholesome approach to emotions with his sons.

“I’ve tried to teach my own boys that shedding a few tears because you’re sad or scared won’t ever get you in trouble,” he writes. “Getting upset and hurting your brother is a different story.”

It’s wonderful to see parents teaching their sons not to bottle up their feelings. Watching this little boy cry over his mom’s graduation, we know he’s going to grow up into an empathetic and emotionally intelligent man!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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