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Northern Lights In Florida?! Aurora Borealis Delights Across The US In Rare Phenomenon

View of the Northern Lights as seen above water

Every year, countless people travel to Alaska in order to experience the beauty that is the Aurora Borealis. That’s because, normally, this celestial event is only visible in polar regions like Iceland, Sweden, and northern Canada. This weekend, however, was a rare exception. In fact, folks as far south as Florida had the chance to view the Northern Lights right from their own backyard!

This was made possible thanks to a Severe (G4) Geometric Storm, as issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In other words, the sun’s solar flares were so strong, the Aurora Borealis becomes brighter and more visible. In turn, many people were delighted by quite a spectacular show! For some, the lights were only visible through taking photos on their phones. For others, however, all they had to do was step outside and look up!

As you can imagine, people in Florida have been sharing all sorts of incredible photos on social media. Because, while this isn’t the very first time something like this has happened, it’s certainly the first time in a while. The last time NOAA issued a storm watch like this was 19 years ago. Plus, Florida hasn’t gotten any view of this celestial event since 1989.

Spectacular Northern Lights Make a Rare Appearance as Far South as Florida!

Folks in Florida weren’t the only lucky ones this weekend! Many states across the U.S. were given this exact opportunity. How cool is that!? If you weren’t able to view the Northern Lights yourself this weekend, I highly recommend checking out all of the spectacular photos online!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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