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Never Too Old For Adventure: 20-Yr-Old Cat Sees The Ocean For The Very First Time

A woman holds her cat at the beach so he can see the ocean.

After all these years, one senior cat finally got to see the ocean for the first time. His family wasn’t disappointed by his reaction! A TikTok user shared the most adorable video of her 20-year-old cat walking along the beach and staring at the sea with wonder. The pet seemed truly mesmerized by the waves!

This footage of Tigger the cat seeing the ocean for the first time has gone viral online. In fact, his owner’s video has received over three million views! Many commenters were truly moved by the elderly feline’s trip to the beach. However, one user was concerned for the cat’s wellbeing. They believed it would have been better to take Tigger on more outings while he was younger.

“…this is so sweet HOWEVER let this be a reminder not to WAIT until they’re weak, take adventures with them often, don’t let your home be the only world they know… let them BREATHE,” the person wrote.

This comment received quite a few responses from other cat owners. Although these pets do need stimulation, many users argued that some kitties aren’t as comfortable exploring new places as others.

“Yes, agree, each cat is different,” Tigger’s owner replied.

Some cats really like the ocean!

It’s very true that not all kitties are alike. For example, many cats hate water, but Tigger seemed to love seeing the ocean for the first time! He isn’t the only one, either. Another TikToker shared the most adorable video of their own feline going to the beach. You won’t believe how intensely this cat stared at the ocean while seeing it for the first time!


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These videos can teach us two very important lessons. First, you’re never too old to experience new things. Second, all of our pets have different needs, and it’s up to us to accommodate them!

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