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Grab The Tissues! This Bride’s Father-Daughter Dance Will Have You Sobbing

father-daughter dance

A father-daughter dance that is going viral on TikTok will make even the most stoic person shed a few tears.

When a woman who runs the account named Riannont planned her traditional father-daughter dance for her wedding over the summer, she added the most sentimental touch—a video of her as a child dancing with her dad to the same song, Beauty and the Beast.

In a now-viral clip, the blushing bride and her father twirl around the dance floor while a video dated March 9, 1993, plays above their heads. In the home movie, the bride is a tiny toddler, and her dad holds her in his arms as they glide around their living room and sing the words together. The two dance almost identically during the father-daughter dance, but this time, the bride has both her feet on the ground.

To date, the video has over 3 million views, and you can almost hear the people crying in the comments.

“I can’t keep my composure right now. how is the bride not bawling??” someone asked.

“I’m crying because Dad looks so young and it just makes me immensely sad our parents have to age right along with us 😭,” someone else added.

“Wasn’t expecting to be crying at 4:40pm on Friday afternoon over a stranger’s video but here we are😩,” cried another.

The bride was feeling openly bittersweet about dancing with her dad for the first time as a married woman. But she shared a follow-up video that proves a daughter can still be a daddy’s girl after she becomes a wife. As she joked, her father’s “not gonna get rid” of her “that easily.” She’s still “ever-present” in his life and “annoying as ever.” 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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