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Doberman Jumps Up To Protect Escapee Baby, Hilariously Judges Mom

Image shows a dog glancing at Mom before getting up to protect an escaping baby.

Tina Meeks is a mom with four children: two sons and two daughters, the youngest still in diapers and crawling. Her eldest son thought the baby would ruin his life, but he adores his baby sister. The second son isn’t quite so thrilled with little sis all the time. Overall, the family seems happy and is adjusting to life with a crawler. Mila doesn’t walk yet, but she can stand up and reach the door handle, which is why the dog feels she has to protect the baby.


She’s sick of me. Looking back like “lady, if you don’t come get your baby!” 🤣🤣 PS. You’d never know they are only 3 months apart! 😅 #babygirl #cutebabytiktok #bossbaby #dogandbaby #dogsandbabies #babyanddog #doglover #dogsoftiktok #puppylove #dobermansoftiktok #doberman

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The family doberman, Cinnamon, instantly jumps into protection mode. Mom is sitting nearby, recording this, so the baby is not unsupervised. The dog keeps glancing at Mom, almost as if thinking, “Are you seeing this?” There is a bit of judgment from the dog. Each glance adds more emphasis, as if she is thinking, “Why are you letting this happen? Are you going to do anything?” Mom and the dog watch as Mila crawls through the open door.

Image shows a dog in "protect" mode as a baby crawls out an open door.
Image from TikTok.

As soon as the baby cleared the doorway, Cinnamon jumped into action. She deftly hopped over the tiny baby butt, then turned to herd the child back inside. More judgmental looks were sent off in Mom’s direction while the dog worked to protect the baby.

Image shows a dog scooting out an open door to protect a baby that crawled out.
Image from TikTok.

Let the herding begin… but first, a judgmental glance to Mom, who is still watching!

Image shows a protective doberman herding a small child back into the house after she escaped.
Image from TikTok.

Mila crawled back inside immediately, realizing she could not escape Cinnamon’s watchful eyes. Once the baby was inside, the dog continued to protect the baby by pacing in front of the door. We should note that once the family realized baby Mila could reach the door handle, they locked it to keep her from escaping again.

Comments And Replies About The Dog Protecting The Baby

Comments under the TikTok video supported both the mom and the dog. When one person suggested an edited version with a voice-over about the dog’s thoughts, Tina happily obliged with this rendition. Mila turned one year old recently, so her adventures are just beginning.

Tina’s realistic version of family life is refreshing. Raising kids is not always easy, but Tina and her husband make it look fun. If you want to follow the ongoing antics of this modern family, you can find Tina on Instagram and TikTok and read her blog, HER Life Sparkles.

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