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Magical “Portal” Allows You To Look Into Dublin From New York Streets

Image shows the virtual portal from Dublin, Ireland to New York with people holding up signs of welcome.

Do you remember that Facebook friend you met in the FarmVille game in 2009 who lives in Dublin? The one you always wanted to meet in real life? Now you can meet them without either of you flying halfway around the world! A new magical portal in New York connects directly to a portal in Dublin, Ireland. The two portals allow virtual interaction in real-time.


NYC meets Dublin 🇮🇪 The Portal is a new public art installation that lets you look right into the streets of Dublin. You can even interact with people on O’Connell Street! Isn’t that cool? If you’re in Dublin, let’s meet 😂 📍Flatiron South Public Plaza 🗓️ May 8 through the fall PS: Ireland is 5 hours ahead of us! #flatiron #theportal #nycart #artinnewyork #immersiveart

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The portals are part of an art sculpture project that aims to unite people around the globe. Born from an idea, artist Benedikas Gylys installed the first two portals in Lithuania and Poland in 2021.

They stream an unfiltered view of each city. Viewers can stand at the New York portal and interact with the people at the Dublin portal. Artists and technology experts in both countries coordinated the portal project. The portals provide a unique experience celebrating New York and Dublin’s long connection and cultural ties.

The Dublin portal is on O’Connell Street, within sight of the GPO building and the Dublin Spire. In New York, visitors will find the portal in the Flatiron South Public Plaza, near Broadway and the Flatiron Building. Both portals will remain in place until autumn 2024. They will feature cultural events in both locations via the livestream.

Visitors To The New York And Dublin Portals Are Creative

The New York and Dublin portals act as an innovative “magic window,” providing a view of the life in both cities. There is no audio feed, but charades are always fun to play across continents. Access to the portal is free and available 24 hours a day. The time shift from New York to Dublin is five hours (Dublin is ahead of the US). When it is 7 PM in New York, it is already midnight in Dublin, so keep that in mind as you plan.

Man at the Dublin portal trying to exchange phone numbers with a person at the New York portal.
Image from TikTok.

Some people are using signs to communicate with the portals. The above image is from the Dublin portal, with an Irish man signaling to someone at the New York portal. Several have exchanged phone numbers and added their voice to the excitement of a visit across the pond. However you choose to communicate, this unique opportunity is available. Shorten the distance between two cultures without leaving this continent!

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