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Bull Rider Makes Amends With Bull That Broke His Neck & Ended His Career

Image shows champion bull rider JB Mauney on his last ride on Artic Assassin.

Artic Assassin was one of the toughest bulls in the rodeo circuit. No one knew what to expect when champion bull rider J.B. Mauney took the rope and dropped onto the bull’s back. The ride ended JB’s career with a broken neck. But that won’t be the last we hear from this rodeo superstar. People often misunderstand rodeo bulls. They have tough names and buck like crazy but are generally docile animals. When it came time for Artic Assassin to retire, JB made arrangements to give him a suitable retirement in a loving home. He now fills the unlikely role of family pet and does nothing but get scritches and create smiles.


J.B. Mauney broke his neck on Arctic Assassin, but there’s no hard feelings #jbmauney #bullriding #pbr #rodeo @ryan_osborne

♬ original sound – ryan_osborne

When a bull is in the chute, ready to enter the ring, the rider gingerly mounts and gets a good grip on the rope around the barrel of the bull’s chest. While this is happening, the bull is pretty calm.

Once they come out of the chute, the bull gets straight to “work.” They give a rowdy show of dislodging their rider. Once a rider is off the bull, the rodeo clown distracts the bull and removes the riding equipment, and the bull settles down.

We’ve attached footage of the last ride below, as it doesn’t contain any footage that might disturb viewers. Despite his injury, JB was able to stand up and walk from the ring.


JB Mauney’s last ride ever vs. Artic Assassin. Lewiston, ID 09/06/23. Definitely as tough as they come! #jbmauney #bullriding #prca #pbr

♬ Use my sound – Casenhuls

J.B. Mauney Is Moving Forward

When not performing, rodeo bulls receive some of the best animal care available. The bull riders don’t “hate” the bulls; they respect them. That is why J.B. Mauney requested to provide a retirement home for the bull that ended his career as a bull rider. Rodeos tend to bring out the cowboy in all of us.

JB Mauney celebrating one of many victories on the bull riding circuit.
Image from YouTube.

J.B. Mauney is shifting his concentration to teaching newer riders the sport that has consumed his life. He has cemented his place in the rodeo. He will enter the Rodeo Hall of Fame and remain second as a Top Bull Rider of All Time.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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