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Jedi Baby Asked To Choose Between The Good & Dark Side—Did He Become “Darth Diaper”?

Jedi Baby

When a Jedi baby was asked to decide his allegiances, he was called to the dark side. Was he able to resist?

A father named Nicolas Hering has become an overnight celebrity, thanks to a TikTok video he posted last week. In it, he placed two lightsabers—one blue and one red—in front of his young son and asked him to make “one of the most important decisions of his life.”

The baby did not choose as Nicolas had hoped.


One of the most important decisions of his life 🥹 … @Star Wars #younglings #starwars #babysith #babyjedis #starwarsnerdfyp

♬ M83 x Star Wars Theme MIX – Hannah
With the epic M83 x Star Wars Theme MIX by Hannah playing in the background, Nicolas placed his baby on the ground in front of the lightsabers. Initially, the baby began crawling towards the blue, which represents the good side. However, as he headed to the blue, the red, which represents the dark side, kept stealing his attention.

“The Of The Dark Side” Was Too Strong For The Jedi Baby To Resist

At one point, it looked like the Jedi baby had chosen to side with good. But just before he made the choice, he changed his mind and crawled for the red lightsaber. Then, he grabbed at it and looked back at his dad to confirm that he in fact had decided to follow the path of Anakin Skywalker, AKA Darth Vader.

Because of the perfectly played-out events, the video has gone viral with nearly 26 million views in only six days.

“YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!” a follower jokingly yelled.

“The way he went light side but was pulled back towards the dark side,” someone laughed. “Cinema.”

“Conflicted he was… struggled with the light and dark side of the force he did…” joked a clever commenter.

Even the official Star Wars account showed up in the comments saying, “The pull of the dark side…”

“A new dark lord in the house, Welcome Darth Diaper,” another person wrote.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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