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Funny Sign Uses Heartbreak To Help Marathon Runners Find Their Second Wind

A man smiles as he holds up a sign that is partly cut off. What we can read: Remember when he

Endurance is everything when you’re in a marathon. That’s one of the reasons it’s oh-so helpful to train. Still, when the big day comes, anything can happen. Thankfully, there are lots of folks who are happy to provide moral support from the sidelines. These kind folks will often hold up signs of encouragement. While some choose to share the kind of motivational words you’d expect, this couple made a particularly unexpected and funny sign — and runners are absolutely loving it!

The sign is simple but powerful: “Remember when he cheated on you?” This sign no doubt elicits a wide range of responses from the runners. No matter the exact response, though, one thing is clear: It gives them the boost needed to keep going! As you’ll see in the video below, the most common reaction was laughter and smiling.

@fruityp3bblez some motivation my gals ✨#marathon ♬ i like the way you kiss me – Artemas

It’s so heartwarming to see these runners take the time to show their appreciation for the sign. In fact, in the comments of the video, one of the runners shares how much the sign meant to them.

“Ya’ll, I saw your sign today and it legit gave me some last minute power to the finish!!” the runner shares.

Unexpected Funny Sign Motivates Marathon Runners

The runners in the marathon aren’t the only ones appreciative of this clever sign. After seeing this viral video, people from all around the world are expressing how much they love it. After all, it’s always so heartwarming when people find small ways to make a stranger’s day a little bit better.

“The girlies finding that second wind,” someone shares, adding, “You know what? I DO remember.”

“Listen. I will never do a marathon, but if you showed up at every mile with this sign,” one person writes, “I just might…”

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