9 Desperate People Were Trapped In Burning Building, Until Vegetable-Truck Driver Came Up With Brilliant Plan.

Recently an incredible video surfaced of a clever truck driver coming to the rescue when a building in China caught on fire.


As the video starts, you can clearly see the faces of several people sticking their heads out of the windows of the building. There is panic on the streets and no one seems to know what they should do to save these people from the fire and the far drop they would have to make if they jumped.


Suddenly, the sound of horns can be heard, but instead of a fire truck appearing, a vegetable truck filled with pea plants appears. All of the people on the street quickly move out of the way as the truck stops on the street just below the open windows of the burning building.


That’s when you see at least 9 people jump out of the building and safely land on top of the huge mountain of peas that the truck is carrying. Someone else shows up with a ladder tall enough to reach the top of the truck and everyone is able to climb down and move away from the building as it burns.


This extremely clever truck driver’s quick-thinking ended up saving lives without putting anyone else in danger; what a hero!

Watch the video below and share!

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