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This Grandpa “Hated” Cats… Until He Had To Cat-Sit For A Week!

A grandpa sits on the couch and pets a small cat.

Although this grandpa hated cats, one four-legged feline was still able to paw her way into the elderly man’s heart. A young woman on TikTok shared the most adorable story about how her grandfather changed his mind about cats — well, one at least! It all started when Grandpa and Grandma were asked to babysit a kitty who needed a new home. However, they originally only agreed to a week.

Grandpa was resistant to the cat’s charms at first, insiting that he still “hated” these animals. In his graddaughter’s clips, though, you can see the man slowly start to warm up to the kitty. Even though he said the animal was going to be a “nuisance,” he still let her up onto the couch. Plus, while he was saying this, he was speaking to the cat in sweet tones and stroking her fur!

Despite this grandfather’s initial doubts about having a feline in the house, the kitty ended up extending her original week-long stay. In fact, his graddaughter says that he now sends the rest of the family photos of the pet all the time. It seems that Grandpa doesn’t hate all cats after all!

Grandpa and his cat are now the best of friends.

In her video, the TikToker shared a few screenshots of text messages her grandfather sent to the rest of the family. One message showed a picture of the kitty tangled up in some string.

“Lizzie got in the sewing box,” Grandpa wrote.

Another picture he sent featured the animal making herself comfy on top of a partially finished puzzle.

Commenters absolutely loved watching this adorable Grandpa fall head over heels for this cat even though he supposedly hated the creatures.

A grandpa sits on the couch and pets a small cat.
Screengrab from TikTok

“It’s so funny how a lot of ‘cat haters’ hate them until they spend time with a nice once lol,” wrote one user. “So cute.”

Another joked, “Why are old men like this. My dad said he ‘hated’ cats but loved every one I had.”

Despite getting into constant trouble, cats always seem to win us over with their adorableness. Even this grumpy grandpa was no match for one of these endearing animals!

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