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Dog Dad Shares Adorable “Then Vs. Now” Of Senior Golden Retriever Running To Him For A Hug

A man stands outside his home. His back is facing the camera. His golden retriever has leapt into his arms and is smiling wide.

They say that, the older you get, the faster time seems to pass us by. This sentiment feels especially apt when it comes to our four-legged friends. One minute they’re tiny pups who can easily fit in our arms then, in the blink of an eye, they’re senior dogs who need our assistance much more often. While signs of a dog aging can be sad, it can also be a great reminder of the long, happy life they’ve lived so far. That’s certainly the case for this senior golden retriever.

Riley is such a loved dog. Not only does he have his family’s unconditional love, but he also has the love of over a million followers from across the world, all thanks to his popular social media accounts. When this sweet golden retriever was younger, he’d often leap into his human dad’s arms. But as Dad shows in the video below, the way Riley greets him has changed now that he’s older.

@hdbrosriley Then vs now with my 10 year old Riley❤️ #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok ♬ Slipping Through My Fingers – Declan McKenna

Rather than jumping into his arms, a now 10-year-old Riley calmly walks into Dad’s arms — all the while wagging his tail as much as he can to express his joy! So, even though Riley can’t leap like he used to when he was young, one thing hasn’t changed: He’s too adorable for words!

Folks Fall in Love With Riley the Senior Golden Retriever

A man squats in his driveway in front of his golden retriever. He's gently holding the dog's head as he kisses him on the head.

“Wait wait. Is this the same doggo I was watching years ago?” a fan writes. “I got me a golden because of those jumping vids and now he’s a precious senior doggo? It felt like yesterday.”

“Life is always changing and that’s okay,” someone in the comments points out.

“[He] just puts more energy into [his] tail wags now instead of the jump,” another writes.

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