Dad’s Unique Allowance System For Sons Goes Viral, When You Hear What His Boys Say You’ll See Why!

The Humans of New York project is one known around the world. The goal is simple: interview everyday people on the streets and share their story with the world.

While wandering the streets, the man behind the magic, photographer Brandon Stanton, spotted a man playing with his two sons.

Rather than interview the dad, Steven I. Weiss, Stanton looked to one of the boys, asking about his family time. The topic soon found its way to allowance… that’s when Stanton knew he’d found something special.

Check out the little boy’s description below!

Humans of New York

“Every week I get one dollar for allowance. Then I get to choose the section where I put my dollar. There are four sections: spend, save, donate, and invest.

If I put a dollar in the ‘invest section,’ my parents give me two extra pennies at the end of every month. I’ve only used my ‘spend section’ twice!

I have way over $10 in my ‘invest section.’ I used to have more but I took some money out and put it in my ‘donate section.’ We used to it to buy food for people who don’t have much money in their ‘spend section.’â€

When Steven saw the post, he responded with kind words that touched hearts everywhere.





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