99-Yr-Old Hospice Patient Gets Cutest Dream Outing With Best Friends.

If you were in hospice care and were given the option to have one outing, anywhere you wanted, where would you go?


99-year-old Agnes “Mickey” Santillo was faced with this exact question. She’s been under hospice care since May of 2019 and her team of caregivers wanted to give her something nice and when they heard her sweet request, they knew they needed to do everything in their power to make it happen.


For 40 years, Mickey lived in a second-story condo and was perfectly fine living life independently. In May, she suffered a fall that she couldn’t bounce back from and suddenly the stairs up to that condo made things much more complicated. Between the fall and her congestive heart failure, it was determined it was time Mickey was placed under hospice care.


Her team of caregivers just love her and describe her as a “bright, bubbly person”. Her music therapist, Michael Richardson, wanted to give Mickey a special wish and told her it could be for whatever she wanted. She simply requested a limo ride to her favorite restaurant with some of her friends – a very easy wish to grant.


The restaurant she picked wasn’t even a fancy steakhouse, it was a local Mexican place!


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Mickey and her friends had a wonderful time. They sat at a table that had been decorated with floral centerpieces just for them and ordered their favorite dishes. One friend even took advantage of the chauffeured ride and ordered herself a frozen margarita.

“I never thought anything like this would happen to me,” Mickey said. “This little old country girl from Yoakum, Texas, getting all this attention.”


While Michael says there’s obviously “no crystal ball”, it’s likely that this will be the last time Mickey leaves her apartment as her health is fading. However, the 99-year-old clearly wasn’t focused on that during her trip, she was just overwhelmed with the fun and kept saying that she couldn’t believe this was all happening just for her.

Clearly, Mickey doesn’t have time for negativity and is just taking advantage of the opportunity to continue to live her best life.

Check out Mickey’s fun lunch outing in the video below and be sure to share this story with your friends!

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