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Real-Life Wedding Crashers: Groom’s Friends Don Hilariously Bad Disguises To Sneak In

Two friends disguised as florists crash a wedding to surprise the groom.

The date was set, and everything was going perfectly. The groom was dressed impeccably in a blue suit, and the bride was hidden away in a back room, preparing for her moment to shine. Everything was running smoothly… and then there was a knock on the door. The door was answered. Two “florists” barged into the room, being very pushy for delivery personnel. They were the groom’s friends and were there to crash the wedding!


Video at the end 😂 they made shirts, even had fake mustaches. The dedication is unmatched 🤌🏼 #wedding #weddingcrashers #florists

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It was going to be a small family wedding. Brittany Julian’s dad only invited family, including his parents and children. The “florists” were the groom’s best friends, who decided he couldn’t plunge into marriage without them. Since they never received invitations, the two devised a clever way to sneak into the small, private ceremony. The plan was genius and carried out with precision. When these friends crash a wedding, they go all out!

In the comments under the video of the friends crashing the wedding, Brittany added some details. The two men were her dad’s best friends. They planned the wedding crash down to the last detail. They wore matching white polo shirts with inspired business logo design from “The Waiting Room Flower Shoppe.” One commenter said, “It’s the Mario and Luigi of the flower world.” The description is spot-on. One friend even had an oversized fake mustache to compliment the “disguise.”

Left image shows the two friends crashing a wedding with long florist boxes. Right image shows one box open to reveal three roses to the surprised groom.
Image from TikTok.

They came in pretending to speak only Spanish, brandishing the flower boxes and using exaggerated accents. The lead character opened his box to reveal three roses. The plan included every detail and was the model of perfection. It was the bride’s and groom’s third marriage, so each got three roses from the “florists.”

When Your Best Friends Crash Your Wedding, Laugh And Welcome Them In

Their dedication is incredible, as Brittany commented, “They kicked the lock off the gate to get into the parking lot. Pure dedication.” These two would not be denied entrance under any circumstance! The friends were not allowing anything to keep them from crashing this wedding!

Image shows a groom with his two friends after they crashed his wedding.
Image from TikTok.

It was only right, as the bride also had her friends there, although in more “official” capacities. From Brittany, “Her best friend was the wedding planner. And her other close friend was the officiant. So they were there actually. Just making it all happen for her.” The entire wedding could not have been more perfect for everyone. The bride and groom have some awesome friends and will embark on their journey together with style, grace, and a huge fake mustache to remember the day.

If you have friends like this to crash your wedding, count yourself lucky.

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